PRESS RELEASE: Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC), along with several
other city organizations and departments, have joined forces to assist all businesses affected by
COVID-19 in Brownsville, Texas.

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – March 17th, 2020

As of March 13, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott has declared a state of disaster in Texas due to
COVID-19, and as a result has triggered several federal, state and local agencies to begin assisting
businesses with vital resources intended to assist those affected by the disease.

As a result of ongoing developments, the BCIC has launched a new website, assist.brownsvilleedc.org,
for businesses to register via email address or mobile number to receive resources immediately that
can help alleviate the ongoing situations. The website also contains submittable forms where business
owners or managers can submit important information to the BCIC regarding their ongoing state of
operations. The data submitted by business owners in the community through this new website will
help all organizations and departments of the city continue to develop new programs that will help
absorb some of the impact that is expected by COVID-19. In addition, the site will continue to update
throughout the upcoming days and weeks to ensure all guidelines on behalf of the Central of Disease
Control (CDC) are available to the business community.

“Our community is built on the fabric of several businesses that have decided to locate in Brownsville,
Texas. It is not only imperative that we do our very best to provide our local businesses with the
needed resources to withstand such events but also continue to provide the best servant leadership
and customer service they need to address the ongoing events” said Nathan Burkhart, Director of Business Development
for the BCIC. 

“The health and wellness of our citizens is of the utmost importance. In that same vein the health and
wellness of our business community is equally important,” says Michael Limas, Chair of the Board of
Directors. “BCIC is working diligently with our federal, state and local partners to maximize all
opportunities available to assist businesses during these challenge times. We ask for your patience
as we navigate effectively through a wide array of issues.”

The BCIC, alongside its partners, will continue to monitor developments to ensure our community is
informed with news and updates. We look forward to the collaborative success we will achieve as a
community, which has withstood much greater events in the past thanks to the unique resilience we
hold as the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley.