Gateway to the Future

As the home to the SpaceX launch site and UTRGV’s STARGATE, Brownsville, Texas, is poised to be at the center of the future space industry in the United States. In collaboration with Expanding Frontiers (ExF), the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC), and the Brownsville ISD (BISD), Brownsville has officially taken the first step in a new frontier where space and tech meet. We are empowering entrepreneurs in the New Space Industry and fostering an out of this world workforce training environment for the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.

STARGATE Technology Launch Pad

Currently in the United States., there are ten business incubators/accelerators that have an industry focus in supporting NewSpace companies.  These facilities are located primarily in regions that support a commercial spaceport, major space corporations, NASA facilities or University programs in space technology. 

There are no direct competitors offering NewSpace business incubation or acceleration services in the state of Texas.  With the rapid growth of the Commercial Space industry in Texas, the presence of three Spaceports (Van Horn, Houston and Brownsville), NASA’s manned space flight programs at Houston’s Johnson Space Center and the emergence of Aerospace Engineering programs at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, the region provides a comprehensive support network for the STLP NewSpace Incubator/ Accelerator.