Gateway to the Americas

Opportunity for foreign direct investment is on the rise in Brownsville, Texas, where global companies can leverage low taxes, financial incentives and unparalleled connectivity in the only city in the world with 5 methods of international trade: air, sea, road, rail and space.

Best of Both Worlds on the Border by the Sea

Texas is a long-time leader in international trade, consistently outpacing other U.S. states with incentives for new and growing international development. Low costs up the attraction in Brownsville, where companies leverage cost-competitive manufacturing concepts with worldwide distribution linking timely deliveries to vital global markets.

With the recent enactment of USMCA, companies have access to two sets of international trade agreements, two labor forces, various training options and the ability to operate two plants with a single management team. We work with consultants and executives to find the most convenient and profitable arrangement for their companies.

From shovel-ready sites, a well-trained bilingual workforce, and an open and inclusive ecosystem of entrepreneurship, Brownsville is a major industrial and manufacturing center ready for investing.