With a deadline on March 1, 2019, the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) would like to invite organizations to apply for its ‘Capital Project Grant 2019 Cycle’ through its official website, www.brownsvilleedc.org/big-grants.

The grant cycle for capital projects allow the BCIC to partner with organizations that have developed capital projects that will create economic development opportunities within Brownsville city limits. Previous projects that have created economic development opportunities in the past have included the Market Square Restoration Project, which has allowed several organizations to host events in the heart of downtown intended to promote tourism and local spending.

Rebeca Castillo, Executive Director for the BCIC stated the following regarding the possible capital projects that the economic development organization expects to partner in,

“The BCIC has been in influential organization on several capital projects that have been executed in Brownsville, Texas. Many of which have provided residents and tourists with amenities not found anywhere else in the region. The BCIC looks forward to the proposed projects we will receive in the upcoming months and we hope to deliver in selecting projects that will not only create tourism opportunities, but increase local spending at our local businesses."

Rebecca CastilloExecutive Director, BCIC

The ‘Capital Project Grant 2019 Cycle’ is open for city departments and private organizations who have developed projects that align with BCIC’s 3-year strategic plan. Some examples of projects that align with BCIC’s 3-year strategic plan include;

• Downtown revitalization projects necessary to increase sales tax revenue and foster investor opportunities;
• Projects that are designed to increase recreational tourism and spur small business development and/or support the Active Transportation Plan; or
• Projects that support cultural, sports, fitness, recreational, entertainment and community that will contribute to the sustainability and growth of Brownsville’s sales tax revenue.

For more information regarding the press release or the ‘Capital Project Grant 2019 Cycle’, please contact the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation via Facebook or through www.bcic.us for the most up-to-date information regarding programs, news, and eligibility requirements.