BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, May 24, 2023 — The eBridge Center for Business & Commercialization is thrilled to announce the launch of Represent, a pioneering political participation startup. The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 25, at 6:30 PM in Historic Downtown Brownsville at 1304 E Adams St, Brownsville, TX.

Represent, a groundbreaking political participation startup, brings forth an innovative civic media platform designed to redefine how citizens, political candidates, and officials communicate at every government level. Represent innovatively blends security and anonymity. This unique civic platform allows rigorously verified yet anonymous citizens to interact directly with political figures.

Nathan A. Burkhart, Director of Business Development at the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, enthusiastically expresses, “The launch of Represent perfectly embodies the eBridge ethos – transforming innovative concepts into scalable, commercially viable businesses. As our first tech project from incubation programming through our partners the UTRGV Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Center, Represent is a shining example of our entrepreneurial ecosystem’s immense potential. It proves our dedication to mobilizing human capital, providing crucial resources, and fostering an environment where entrepreneurial dreams can transition into reality.”

The eBridge Center, a collaborative effort between the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, the UTRGV Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Center, the Small Business Administration, and the United States Economic Development Administration, remains on its mission to facilitate entrepreneurial growth, foster entrepreneurial equity, and stimulate job creation in Brownsville and the broader Rio Grande Valley. The inception of Represent reiterates the triumph of this collective initiative.

Represent co-founder William Steele said, “Our team is excited to launch the first civic media application with the City of Brownsville! We hope to provide the citizens and city officials with a constructive tool to rally around issues in their community while also giving the government an accurate understanding and efficient means of responding to their community’s concerns.”

To partake in the launch party of Represent and uncover the promise of the forthcoming generation of tech entrepreneurship and political participation, RSVP by visiting https://launch.ebridgecenter.org. The event will take place at the eBridge Center, 1304 E Adams St, Brownsville, TX, on May 25, 2023, at 6:30 PM.

For more information regarding this press release or how to get involved with the eBridge Center for Business and Commercialization, please contact Nelson Amaro, Director of Marketing & Communications for the BCIC at namaro@bcic.us