Steve Taylor & Mario Muñoz, Rio Grande Guardian.

BROWNSVILLE, RGV – The U.S. Economic Development Administration has announced a $900,000 investment for Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation’s e-Bridge Center for Business & Commercialization.

In the above podcast, BCIC Chairman Michael Limas, BCIC Executive Director Josh Mejia, and BCIC Marketing & Small Business Development Director Nathan Burkhart discuss the investment, what they hope e-Bridge can become, and some of the quality of life economic development projects they are working on.

“We are very excited to be able to announce that the Economic Development Administration has publicly announced their investment of $900,000 for the e-Bridge Center for Business & Commercialization. This center will be the largest center south of San Antonio of its kind,” Mejia told the Rio Grande Guardian.

“It will provide the fundamental resources for any entrepreneur within the community or outside of the community to start and scale-up a business to a point of commercialization. The key focus areas within the center will be tech, advanced manufacturing, automation, and NewSpace/aerospace with our partners within the community. However, the center will be a catch-all so any entrepreneur with any ideas is welcome within its doors. They can receive any of the fundamental resources that we will have available from all our partners.”