BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) is encouraging small business owners to remodel their tax structures in an effort to increase their profits.

“Tax structure sounds really boring, but when you really think about it so many businesses were left behind during COVID-19 because they weren’t able to actually access emergency funding,” said Nathan Burkhart, Director of Small Business Development, BCIC.

Burkhart added that small businesses owners easily make mistakes with their taxes, but said it could result in illegal tax structures.

“A lot of businesses want to start right away and in doing so a lot of mistakes can be made and in this case, those mistakes could be costly,” said Burkhart.

The Rio Grande Valley region is growing and local businesses need the tools to expand and keep up, according to Burkhart.

“We don’t want those businesses to fall through the cracks. So, this is a great workshop to ensure that these businesses are operating legally and operating correctly and are not missing out on those grants,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart said the eBridge was established with multiple partners to be a resource center for small businesses to find information and support.

“This workshop like many others in the future is going to be a component of our eBridge center for business and commercialization,” said Burkhart.

The eBridge Center’s physical location will be done and ready to use by March 2022.

You can find more upcoming events and learn about business grants.