PRESS RELEASE – Brownsville, TX – Monday, March 25, 2023. The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) proudly announces a series of quality of life projects in partnership with the City of Brownsville. The $2.9M board-approved funding will be allocated to six initiatives aligned with the BCIC's vision of community building through equitable economic development. 

The joint efforts unfold in a lineup of transformative projects for the Fiscal Year 2024, with a shared goal of uplifting Brownsville’s dynamic and ensuring that the city continues to be a place where community, culture, and nature exist and grow sustainably.

Cori Peña, President and CEO of BCIC, enthusiastically expressed, "As we unveil these community projects in conjunction with the City of Brownsville, I am reminded of the incredible journey BCIC has undertaken. From the Belden Trail enhancements to the New Passenger Terminal collaboration at the Brownsville International Airport, our mission has always included tangible quality of life improvements that resonate with the community's needs and wants."

Projects approved for FY 2024:

Downtown Brownsville Master Plan A visionary blueprint for the Historic Downtown area to enhance robust economic growth and cultural exchange.

Brownsville Parks Master Plan Designed to refine and establish guidelines for public space uses. This plan serves as a cornerstone for future park developments.

Musco Lights Replacement Program An environmentally conscious move to retrofit existing lights with LED technology at Oliveira Park and Gonzalez Park.

Tiny Forest Initiative This green initiative seeks to develop a "tiny forest" by planting 150 plants and trees, enhancing biodiversity alongside the West Rail Trail.

Construction of New Park Restrooms Modern, accessible, inclusive restroom facilities at Gonzalez Park, enhancing convenience for visitors.

La Posada Park Redevelopment (FY 2025) A commitment to redevelop La Posada Park, promising to be a staple of leisure and recreation.

Individual project funds have been carefully reviewed to ensure the maximum benefit for the Brownsville community. BCIC has committed a total of $2,961,000 to these projects. The fruition of these projects is an investment in infrastructure and an embodiment of our collective aspiration for a city that thrives on innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity.

“This is an example of how together, as ONE City, we can maximize our resources, accelerate the redevelopment of our Historic Downtown and grow our Quality of Life and Vibrancy projects, one of six pillars of the 2024 City Commission Strategic Vision Plan” said Helen Ramirez, City of Brownsville, City Manager. “We thank BCIC for recognizing that with over 40 parks/open space , 38 miles of trails, a growing community and the renaissance of our Downtown, the City will continue to need support to be able to improve and grow for the betterment of future generations."

Following the due process, all the projects were presented to the BCIC’s board during the meetings and put up for public comment for the following 60 days. 

Miriam Suarez, BCIC’s Community Development Manager, said, "I’m happy that we are paving the way for a city that aims to be a better place to live and thrive. Each project is more than a line item on a budget; it's a step toward a well-thought, richer community experience. We're planting seeds of growth for generations to come." 

As we lay the groundwork for these exciting projects, the BCIC invites the residents of Brownsville to join in the conversation and contribute to the city's unfolding narrative. Each step is a leap towards a livable and lovable Brownsville, with spaces that narrate our rich history and echo our dreams for the future where we all feel welcome and at home.




About BCIC

The Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC) is an economic development organization dedicated to connecting people, organizations, and economic resources to elevate the quality of life in Brownsville. For more information about available programs, visit www.brownsvillecic.com.


Quality of Life Projects

BCIC champions projects that enhance Brownsville, Texas, by celebrating its history, culture, wellness, and diversity. Key initiatives include the ADA Bus Stops Enhancement Project (2015) and the introduction of interpretational signage and self-guided audio tours at Sabal Palm Sanctuary (2017), both aimed at offering an inclusive experience of the area's rich heritage. Additionally, in 2017, BCIC revitalized Riverside Park with a new playground and exercise equipment. The Inclusion Caboose project (2019) at the Southern Pacific Linear Park & Historic Battlefield Trail repurposed a historic caboose into a library to allow children access to free reading material to stimulate their imagination, develop language, and improve listening and literacy skills in a setting that feels like play. Further supporting youth development, the West Brownsville Little League Improvements project (2018) increased athletic participation and inclusivity. The BCIC's involvement in the Children's Museum of Brownsville Expansion Project - Phase 1 Master Plan (2021) underscored its commitment to educational and cultural development by expanding museum facilities and adding a new science center.