The following article was originally published by Rio Grande Guardian

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Cori Peña, president and CEO of Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, says a new partnership her group has forged with San Antonio-based Alamo Angels will pay big dividends for the Rio Grande Valley.

“The arrival of Alamo Angels in Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley is a momentous occasion that signifies a significant milestone in our collective efforts to support entrepreneurship and bring about positive change,” Peña said.

“As one of the economic development leaders in our community, the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation is proud to endorse and support the expansion of the Alamo Angels chapter. We wholeheartedly believe that this partnership will bring several benefits to enhance the local entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

Peña then listed the benefits.

“So, the Alamo Angels Brownsville Chapter will enable innovation and growth in our community by providing startups and early-stage companies with access to critical funding and resources. This expansion will also attract and retain talented entrepreneurs fostering a vibrant environment for business development and job creation,” she said.

“Furthermore, Alamo Angels network and expertise will provide invaluable mentorship and guidance to our local entrepreneurs, helping them overcome challenges and scale their venture successfully.”

Peña made her comments at the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between city leaders and Alamo Angels. The signing took place at the eBridge Center for Business and Commercialization during RGV StartUp Week.

“This collaboration between BCIC and Alamo Angels will reinforce Brownsville’s position as the hub for entrepreneurship, driving economic development and long-term prosperity for the region. We are sincerely grateful and excited to be part of this initiative. And we believe that their decision to establish their first expansion chapter in Brownsville underscores the immense potential and opportunities within our thriving community,” Peña said.

Looking ahead, Peña said she is optimist about the impact Alamo Angels will have on the community.

“Together we can unlock the full potential of the South Texas region, propelling it to new heights of success and prosperity. So let us embrace this moment with enthusiasm and determination. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate and strive for excellence in everything that we do. And let’s build a future where entrepreneurship drives, and innovation flourishes and opportunities abound for all who call Brownsville in the Rio Grande Valley home.”

Like Peña, Brownsville Mayor John Cowen, Jr., also signed the MOU. He said: “This is truly a momentous occasion for our city and for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley.”

Cowen pointed out that access to capital is the number one barrier for many entrepreneurs.

“The direct early investment focus of Alamo Angels combined with the resources and expertise provided at the eBridge Center creates a more direct pathway of success for early-stage companies in our community,” Cowen said.

“The Alamo Angels represent more than just a group of investors. They embody a spirit of support, mentorship and belief in the power of innovation. By expanding their reach at the eBridge Center they are not only invest investing in businesses but in the future prosperity of our community of Brownsville.”

Cowen said the eBridge Center has long been a hub for creativity and innovation, providing a space for entrepreneurs to collaborate, create and grow.

“With the partnership of Alamo Angels this hub will now become even more dynamic, offering not just physical resources, but also the invaluable support and guidance of experienced investors. This expansion chapter signifies a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a thriving center of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved.”

Cowen added: “As mayor of Brownsville, I am proud to see our city becoming a destination for forward-thinking investors and entrepreneurs alike. Together we will continue to foster an environment where ideas flourish, businesses thrive and dreams are turned into reality. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved in making this expansion a reality. Let us embrace this opportunity with open arms and work together to build a more prosperous future for all.”