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Enhancing the Quality of life and Economic Well-being of the Brownsville Community

BCIC is seeking to partner with private organizations or corporations that seek creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in Brownsville, Texas. The Economic Impact Grant provides opportunity for financial support towards projects that create an attractive environment for Brownsville, Texas to be a destination city to live, work, play and invest that will enhance the economic well-being of the community. All projects must foster economic development within the Brownsville city limits. Upon board approval, a 60-day public comment period is triggered which will ultimately result in the approval by the City Commission.

The Economic Impact Grant is a two-step application process. The applicant is required to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) using our online application form. The LOI will provide us with an overview of the project. The LOI will be reviewed and evaluated based on Type B eligibility (accordance to sales tax statues) and the economic impact it will have on the community. Based on the evaluation, a response of declination or an invitation to submit a formal application will be given with a deadline. Upon receiving the full application and further consideration of funding, the application request will be presented at aBCIC board meeting during a public hearing to consider funding the proposal.

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“We want to be a catalyst for those transformational projects, and proactively partner with organizations who invest resources to improve the quality of life and economic base of Brownsville.” 

– Cori Peña, Director of Community Development

  • Projects that will improve an area’s appearance or addresses an identifiable community need. 
  • Downtown Revitalization Projects designed to increase sales tax revenue and foster investment opportunities
  • Projects designed to increase recreational tourism and spur small business development
  • Projects that support cultural, sports and entertainment that will contribute to the sustainability and grown of Brownsville’s sales tax revenue.
  • Projects that will develop or expand business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs.
  • Able to serve a high percentage of Brownsville residents and visitors.
  • Able to demonstrate sustainability once the project has been completed
  • Shovel ready (meaning the project has completed all required engineering plans, pricing, bids, etc. to get the project started);
  • A minimum of a 20% match. In kind donations will not be accepted towards the match.
  • Request for funding from $25,000 up to $150,000.
  • Any projects funds shall be limited to expenditures that are associated with land, buildings, equipment, facilities, targeted infrastructure, and improvements.

BCIC’s Director of Community Development is responsible for reviewing and evaluating eligible applications for funding projects in accordance with state law. After staff review and evaluation, eligible projects will be presented to the BCIC Board by the Director of Community Development. The application review process is outlined below

  • Interested applicants are required to schedule a mandatory meeting with BCIC to discuss project or idea.
  • BCIC’s Director of Community Development will review and evaluate proposals based on the criterion in the Evaluation Rubric
  • Projects that are considered eligible for funding and meet the criteria will be invited to submit a full application for consideration.
  • Upon receiving the full application and further evaluation (if necessary), the proposed project will be placed on an upcoming BCIC meeting agenda for presentation given by the Director of Community Development for board consideration. Following each presentation, board members will have an opportunity to ask questions directed to the applicant, if needed.
  • The meeting will be a public hearing and notice of the application and request for funding will be published and posted in accordance with the requirements of the Open Meetings Act and The Texas Development Corporation Act.
  • When action is taken, the board may approve, table or reject an application, by a majority vote of the board members present.
  • The BCIC Board, in its sole discretion, may determine the amount of monies and any other term
  • Applications approved by the BCIC Board will require additional approval by the Brownsville City Commission.
  • All applications receiving approval from City Commission will enter into contract with BCIC to provide funding as outlined in the application.


See the full guidelines and checklist for our Economic Impact Grant.


Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation (BCIC)
Cori Peña, President/CEO
500 East Saint Charles, Brownsville, TX 78520